Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is GRI? 

A.  GRI stands for Graduate, REALTOR® Institute. GRI is a prestigious, nationally recognized designation. Once you have earned the designation, you may proudly wear your GRI pin...with no annual dues or renewal fees.

As of mid-2016, GRI has been updated with a new format. For details on the New GRI Format, click here.


Q. Can I take GRI courses in other states?

A. The GRI designation, once earned, is recognized nationally. The GRI program has core, nationally-required objectives. However, each state adds to those objectives and meets the core objectives in many different ways and order.

Courses offered in another state MAY NOT match the courses offered in Georgia, and vice versa ... so it is recommended that if you start GRI in a specific state, that you follow through with that state's GRI program to completion, and likewise, if you start GRI in Georgia that you follow through with Georgia's GRI program to completion. (For other states, please contact that state's association to see their requirements for obtaining GRI through them.)

There is an option to petition the Georgia GRI Board of Governors asking them to review the GRI coursework taken outside of the Georgia GRI program to decide whether or not the coursework will apply to the Georgia GRI Program. There may be a charge to review the other state's curriculum and there is no guarantee that it will be accepted by the Georgia GRI Board of Governors.  

Q.  What is the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute?

A.  An exciting education program that provides practical real estate training for the new or seasoned practitioner which leads to the Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) designation. The GRI designation is a mark of distinction that earns a REALTOR® member respect and confidence from their peers and the general public. Graduates are recognized nationwide for competence and expertise. 


Q.  How can you benefit from earning the GRI designation?

A.  The knowledge you gain by participating in the program and the prestige of holding this national designation strengthens your confidence and gives you an edge over your competition. The expanded network of referrals you'll make from contacts at the course can enrich your business. GRI designees typically earn 30% more than non-GRI designees. Consumers will seek your services because you have pursued a higher level of real estate education. While taking classes you earn credits toward your license renewal. 


Q.  What are GRI attendees saying about the courses?

A. When professionalism is the goal, education is the path and GRI is the vehicle. The quality of instructors coupled with the diversity of topics provides the foundation for this REALTOR® designation. Combined with the unmatched networking opportunity, the student can achieve the goal head and shoulder above the average REALTOR® and undoubtedly make a statement of professionalism to the viewing public. GRI is not only a school, it is a career changing experience."

“The most compelling reasons for me to take GRI are the instructors and the other Georgia REALTORS® in attendance. The instructors imparted information to us with humor and enthusiasm, making our educational experience a pleasant one. With the students I gained a feeling of comaraderie. Whether you take GRI for continuing education credit or simply because you value education, don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend the GRI Program. You have everything to gain."


Q.  How can you achieve the GRI designation?

A.  Georgia's GRI Program transitioned to a new format in late-2016. The transition rules are explained under the "New GRI Format" tab. In addition, to earn and maintain your GRI designation, you must be a REALTOR® member of the National Association of REALTORS®. (If you have taken any GRI courses through another state, please contact the Professional Development Department at, 678-597-4124 before enrolling in any of GAR's GRI courses.)

If you have begun working towards earning your GRI designation, transition information is provided under the above tab of "New GRI Format" or CLICK HERE.

To start earning your GRI designation, simply begin taking courses (New GRI Format). Once complete, you can then submit an application for the GRI approval process. 

Q.  Are scholarships available for GRI? 

A.  Yes. The Scholarship Application is an online process. Click here to submit a GAR Scholarship application.

For GRI Core Courses ("Risk Management," "Skill Building," and "Systems and Tools") completed in the same calendar year, you may combine the tuition fees and apply for one scholarship for the total tuition amount. The Scholarship Application Deadline will be determined based on the completion date of the last GRI Core Course taken during that calendar year for which you are applying for a scholarship.


Q.  How do I enroll in the GRI Course offerings?

A.  There are specific registrations links for upcoming GRI Core Course(s) under the Register tab (click here) on this site. You can also go to our event registration website which has all GAR courses, including GRI courses, listed in date order. 

To register, you will need to use a registration profile: 

  • If you are a Georgia REALTOR®, you automatically have a profile. Do not set up a new profile. Generally, your username is your NRDS (membership) ID number and your password is your last name, all lowercase letters.
  • If you are not a Georgia REALTOR®, you will first need to create a profile before you are able to log into the registration site. To do so, click the "Non-Member" link on the top of the registration page. Next, click the link under "Not a Member? Sign Up, Today!" This does not mean that you are signing up to become a member; this only sets up a profile for registration purposes.) 

You must be a REALTOR® to earn the GRI designation. However, Georgia CE credit is available to all Georgia licensees.


Q.  Is there a time limit for earning the GRI designation?

A. Effective for those who start working towards earning the GRI designation on or after July 1, 2011, all GRI requirements must be completed within a five-year period. (For those who started working on the GRI designation before July 1, 2011, the new GRI requirements used to earn the GRI designation must be completed within a five-year period.)

Q. How can I check my grades?

A. If you have registered for a classroom course using our online registration website (, please follow these steps to check your grade.

1.     Go to the GAR web site,

2.     Click on the “Login” image near the top of the page. Enter the user name and password for the profile that you used to register for the course. The login is your NRDS#. Your password should be your last name, lower case.

3.     Look on the left hand side for YOUR ACCOUNT. Click on Your Event History.

4.     On the history search page, you can just click on the "Search" button to show all class registrations that used this profile. You can enter in search criteria before clicking "Search" to narrow the results down, but this is not necessary.

5.     Your class will appear below with the grade beside it. If the grade is "N/A", we do not have grades posted for this class. Check back at another time.

6.     If you still have difficulty finding your class, or have set up multiple user profiles, contact the Professional Development Department at 770-451-1831 for assistance. (Staff will not give out grades over the telephone, but will walk you through the process.)