The New GRI Format

The new format for the Georgia GRI Program has begun! 

To earn your GRI designation under the new format, you must earn 120 credits within a five-year period. These credits are earned by completing the three Core Courses, the Required Electives and the Open Electives.

  • Core Courses – 36 credits 

Click on the course name for more information about each GRI Core Course. (You may take these courses in any order.)

You Can Bundle Your GRI Core Courses for a GAR Scholarship.  For GRI Core Courses ("Risk Management," "Skill Building," and "Systems and Tools") taken in the same calendar year, you may combine the tuition fees and apply for one scholarship for the total tuition amount. The Scholarship Application Deadline will be determined based on the completion date of the last GRI Core Course taken during that calendar year in which you are applying for a scholarship. For additional GAR Scholarship information, click here.  

Sales Post-License Credit (click here for more details) - Combine the two GRI Core Courses of "Risk Management" and "Skill Building" and earn Sales Post-License credit instead of CE credit for each individual course. (In-class exam required - passing score of 75% or higher.)

Code of Ethics Requirement - Each two-day GRI Core Course ("Risk Management" or "Skill Building") will satisfy your NAR Code of Ethics membership requirement!

Want to Sponsor a GRI Core Course?  Local REALTOR® boards and associations and REALTOR® companies can request offering core courses at their facilities. For information about hosting a course, click here. To request hosting a course, click here.

For a list of upcoming Core Courses, click here.

GRI credit values equal Georgia CE credit values rounded up to the next whole credit. If no CE credit is granted, contact Chrissy Campbell at, 678-597-4124.

For upcoming, in-classroom designations / certification courses through our school, click here.

Click here for the Open Electives Transactions Affidavit form.


If you have already started your journey towards earning the GRI designation, below are options on how you can complete our GRI requirements. 


If you have completed GRI One Only, your option to earn the GRI designation is:


     If you have completed GRI One and Two, your option to earn the GRI designation is:



    GRI Application

    Under the new GRI format, there is a $25 one-time application fee. 

    Click here for the GRI Application form - New GRI format.

    Click here for the GRI Application form - Combined New and Old (previous) GRI format.

    Click here for the Open Electives Transactions Affidavit form.


    Please note: 

    Effective for those who start working towards earning the GRI designation on or after July 1, 2011, all GRI requirements must be completed within a five-year period. (For those who started working on the GRI designation before July 1, 2011, the new GRI requirements used to earn the GRI designation must be completed within a five-year period.)




    If you have questions, you may find the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Otherwise, contact the Professional Development Department at or 678-597-4124.


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