Core Courses

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Risk Management (2-Day Course)

Skill Building (2-Day Course)

Systems & Tools (1-Day Course)

Bundle Your GRI Core Courses for a GAR Scholarship! 

For GRI Core Courses ("Risk Management," "Skill Building," and "Systems and Tools") completed in the same calendar year, you may combine the tuition fees and apply for one scholarship for the total tuition amount. The Scholarship Application Deadline will be determined based on the completion date of the last GRI Core Course taken during that calendar year for which you are applying for a scholarship. For additional GAR Scholarship information, click here.

How to Register

To register, click on the course date above. Then, you will need login using your registration profile: 

  • If you are a Georgia REALTOR®, you automatically have a profile. Do not set up a new profile. Generally, your username is your NRDS (membership) ID number and your password is your last name, all lowercase letters.
  • If you are not a Georgia REALTOR®, you will first need to create a profile before you are able to log into the registration site. To do so, click the "Non-Member" link on the top of the registration page. Next, click the link under "Not a Member? Sign Up, Today!" This does not mean that you are signing up to become a member; this only sets up a profile for registration purposes.)

​You must be a REALTOR® to earn the GRI designation. However, Georgia CE credit is available to all Georgia licensees.

GRI Broker Cram - Atlanta

  Are you going to apply for your Georgia Broker's License? Take our GRI Broker Cram to: 
  • Receive Broker Pre-License Credit. To receive credit, you must:
  1. Have successfully completed our GRI Course Two and Three (old GRI format - these Courses are no longer available), AND 
  2. Requested that your successful completion of GRI Two and Three Courses be applied as Broker Prelicense credit with the understanding that you need to complete this GRI Broker Cram Course before Georgia Broker Prelicense credit would be posted, AND 
  3. Pass the GRI Broker Cram class exam with a grade of 75% or higher within 13 months of completing GRI Course Three. The exam in this class is for class completion only; it is NOT the State of Georgia licensing exam. 


  • Review for the Broker Pre-License state exam. (No CE credit will be earned.)


Click here for details and to register for the September 23-26, 2017 GRI Broker Cram.

The GRI Broker Cram is not eligible for a GAR Scholarship.



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